I’m Amy Reynolds, a creative graphic designer living in Toronto, Ontario. In 2011 I received my certificate in Art Fundamentals gaining skills in life drawing, painting, sculpture, two-dimensional drawing, and technical drawing. In the spring of 2015 I graduated York University and Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Design Program.

Some of my interests and hobbies are listening to music while illustrating, working on my patio garden, biking through Toronto, Stanley Kubrick, outer space, animals (cats in particular).


My Philosophy

Design to me is a means of expression and communication. I like to combine the aesthetics of illustration with the forms and structure of design. A good design to me is something that will leave the audience in awe. Along with all elements and principles within design I personally gravitate towards colour; colour is a powerful tool and can be used to express any emotion, but it can also hold meaning through symbolism. When appropriate I like to create lots of energy and movement while remaining functional and precise. My approaches tend to sway away from minimalistic or mundane.

I prefer to take creative approaches to design through illustrations and use of bright, lively colours.

After graduation I will continue to explore my creativity and design skills through collaborations and exploring new mediums. In the profession it is important to me to work with a group that has the same morals as me. I want to work for an organization that I can be proud of. I will strive to understand client’s objectives to develop a design that reflects their values and beliefs.

Design to me is not only about the end product, but also the steps that were taken to develop it. The process of developing an idea, planning out requirements, research, production and revisions all are part of the design process. A client’s philosophy and needs will impact how I decide to approach a project.